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Consulting Services

Your partners in management solutions and optimization

When you’re looking for the best way to enhance your operations and player experiences, there’s only one solution – IGT’s Consulting Services.

Our dedicated business unit is comprised of gaming professionals with years of diversified casino operational experience. It’s all fueled by the level of insight you’ll only get with IGT. We’ll work with you to:

  • Identify game performance opportunities
  • Provide recommendations to enhance player experiences
  • Streamline operations and increase operational efficiency

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Floor layout and design

Turn your floor into a player magnet.

Designing an optimal floor layout and game mix can be one of the most challenging aspects of casino operation. But it’s also the most critical. Simply put, the better the layout and mix is, the better your bottom line.

Our skilled team will gather information about your players, competitive situation, facility, and cabinets you own. This ensures the final result is the ideal mix of slot machines targeted toward the most important gaming market of them all – yours.

Each customized plan is drawn to scale and displays every game type, cabinet style, and location. We can even incorporate signage, game data (e.g. progressive features, denomination, section number, game number, and descriptions), cash cages, booths, restrooms, entrances/exits, and dining and beverage establishments into the plan. 2D, 3D, and 4D designs are used to create design plans to give you a vivid picture of your design.

CMS operations

Make sure your CMS is an MVP.

You know how valuable a Casino Management System (CMS) is to casino operations. Consulting Services specialists will observe key operational variables and develop valuable recommendations to help optimize overall system use and practices. We also check out system configuration settings and critical system reports to determine areas of concern and opportunity.

CMS operations - bonusing

Bonuses that really pay off.

Determining the right mix for bonusing is critical both for player loyalty and your bottom line. Fortunately, we specialize in that too — everything from initial concept to post analysis. This service includes:

  • Determine strategic objective of the bonus 
  • Analysis to determine appropriate player reinvestment 
  • Configuration and best practices 
  • Employee and Patron Communications plans 
  • Branded display content 
  • Property LCD display and lighting concept integration 
  • Post go-live check-up and analysis

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