TMZ™ - Video Slot

Ascent: 5-Reel 30-Line Configurable Max Bet


A Guilty Pleasure You Can Bank On.

TMZ Video Slots

Target Player

  • Designed for fans of the TMZ™ brand and avid viewers of entertainment news
  • Gen Y and Millennials who enjoy taking selfies and sharing their experiences socially
  • Core slot demographic and players ages 25-54
  • Entertainment seekers who like mid volatility games

Benefits & Features

  • A mass appeal game, this popular entertainment brand comes to life on casino floors with a new game available in penny (75 credit cost-to-cover) or nickel (20 credit cost-to-cover) denom (optimal)
  • The industry’s first in-game camera provides players with the ability to place their image in both the base game and certain bonuses, for a personalized game play experience
  • The game is packed full of fan-favorite show segments and iconic Hollywood celebrity hot spots, providing plenty of recognizable content
  • Three entertaining bonuses engage players and immerse them into the TMZ experience, and eligible players can boost their bonus winnings with random multiplier awards.

TMZ Mug Shot Free Spins Bonus:

Free spins are awarded as players aim to collect matching symbols and wilds for winning credits in this classic bonus with a celebrity twist.

TMZ Celebrity Safari Bonus:

This pick bonus gives players the opportunity to win credits and multipliers by choosing from popular Hollywood locations on the Thirty Mile Zone map. Players can also add their bobblehead image to the animated bus while on the lookout for celebrities. Each celeb spotting results in a multiplier, otherwise, credits are awarded.

TMZ Celebrity Spin Cycle Bonus:

Hear the iconic ‘BOOM’ ‘BOOM’ ‘BOOM’ sound as the letters T-M-Z line up on the reels, sending players into this bonus, where they’ll get help from celebrities in picking the right excuse to spin their way out of sticky situations. Certain over wheel upgrades and extra spins that result in winning credits.


  • First in-game “selfie” camera lets players put themselves in the action of the game
  • Real Hollywood locations and celeb hot spots have been licensed to appear in this slot game
  • All customers who get the game receive inclusion in the geo- targeted game finder on, with visibility to over 25 million unique visitors each month
  • Choice of math model and denomination to meet different banking needs and ensure floor optimization for target audience and market
  • Highly interactive and socially relevant content – all delivered cabinet, the industry’s only 42” premium portrait LCD from a premium manufacturer


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