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Printing Facilities

IGT boasts the newest and largest presses in the instant ticket printing industry. Our 2018 expansion added significant capacity to our Lakeland, Florida facility, and added new, incremental production capacity to the industry for the first time in 13 years. The efficiencies created by these complementary, high-performing presses allow us to take on high-volume projects alongside shorter runs with ease, maintaining the quality and integrity of every ticket. Printing tickets on the world’s most advanced instant ticket presses give customers access to unprecedented flexibility, on-demand production planning, the highest quality graphics, bulletproof security, and outstanding customer service.

We have manufactured thousands of games and reliably delivered billions of tickets to customers around the world from Lakeland. Continued investment comes as part of our Lakeland Evolution Action Plan 2020, or Leap20, initiative – a roadmap for production technology enhancements across the instant game organization that will further strengthen our business position for the next decade and beyond.

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