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GameTouch™ Draw S2 Self-Service Lottery Machine


The GameTouch™ Draw S2 self-service machine provides retailers with a convenient, user-friendly, and efficient means for players to purchase their favorite draw games. Leveraging IGT’s expertise as market leaders in self-service lottery vending, this all-new solution enables lotteries to offer all their draw games to players in a small footprint. This provides the perfect option to expand draw games in social environments such as restaurants, bars, and smaller retail establishments.

Traditional & Digital Experiences

Give players options in the gameplay process, with support for both traditional paper playslips and digital options such as mobile phone scanning. Bill acceptance as well as additional payment options such as debit, credit, coin, and mobile payments, allow for a wide range of convenient payments.

Sell Your Draw Portfolio

Between monitor games such as Keno, jackpot games, lotto style games, numbers games, and Fast Play, the GameTouch™ Draw S2 self-service machine enables the Lottery to offer all of its draw games to players.

Key Benefits


Expansive portfolio: The GameTouch™ Draw S2 self-service machine can house a lottery's entire draw game portfolio to attract a wide range of players and player preferences

New environments: With a slim form factor and self-service functionality, this machine requires no outside assistance to purchase lottery, expanding placements to new areas

Positive play: Configurable options are available for responsible gaming considerations

Key Benefits


Independent solution: This player-operated option eliminates the reliance on staff members to process transactions, easing the strain on resources

Robust security: With password protected access to a dedicated management application, a separately keyed cashbox enclosure, and multiple sensors and alarms, the GameTouch™ Draw S2 self-service machine provides a heightened level of security

Key Benefits


Intuitive user interface: Step-by-step, how to play instructions and multiple ways to play. Can be configured to accept both digital and paper playslips. Top-mounted display allows for promotional content and live gameplay

Shopping cart feature: Allow players to build their basket without pre-funding the machine and pay once all selections are made

Ticket checker: Players can quickly check winning tickets using the 2D barcode reader