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IGT PlaySports is one-stop shop for every operator’s sports betting needs.

Any operator that's worked with IGT in any capacity knows that IGT has some of the best "bells and whistles" in the industry. The PlaySports platform is the crux of the operation, with award-winning, market-leading products built on top of it. But we have more to offer to customers seeking a turnkey experience, and that's where our services come in. Bells? Check. Whistles? You bet.

Trading Advisory Services

Trading Advisory Services are a favorite among our sports betting customers. And for good reason - setting betting lines is complicated and can be very risky for an operator to do in-house.

The IGT PlaySports trading team is comprised of industry experts, based in Las Vegas and fueled by a passion for professional sports. They work directly with operators, tailoring services to fit national, regional, and local sports markets. They create lines representative of your customer base and manage risk accordingly in real-time as each game approaches and unfolds, tracking much more than wins and losses, but also factoring in things like weather, injuries, and home field advantages.

The content managers of the trading team collaborate with operators' local teams to create content perfect for that specific market, such as promotional graphics for kiosk toppers. This sort of ever-changing content is highly effective at attacting and engaging players.

PlaySports Training Academy

For most of the United States, regulated sports betting is a relatively new venture. While there is a lot of crossover with other gaming floor operations, it can take some time for casino employees to get up to speed.

That's why we designed the IGT Sports Betting Academy, with resources that can be used as a comprehensive pre-launch educational program, with in-person and remote learning options, or for on-the-fly reference material. With over 100 training modules, there is something for every member of the team to learn, and each employee can access this wealth of information from their computer, tablet, or cell phone. This resource is backed by a full-time training staff at your service to answer any questions as they arrise.

Third Party Integration

Gaming industry professionals understand the importance of detailed, accurate data, using it as a critical determining factor in all big business decisions. Our customers own the data collected by our sports betting platform and can access it any time, allowing them to better understand their players' gaming preferences and expectations. This knowledge is very useful when creating informed, engaging marketing campaigns that maximize ROI. Additionally, the strong API integration means that operational needs can be deployed quicker and in far fewer steps.