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This is the future of lottery.

With the channel versatility to transform any lottery,
the visibility into player data that allows a lottery to unlock the potential of current players,
the playability by design to attract a lottery's future players,
and the proven reliability that comes with more than four decades of leadership. 

All things lottery. All through one integrated solution.  

OMNIA Benefits

What is OMNIA™?

OMNIA™ is our integrated lottery solution that converges the retail and digital channels, delivering the industry’s first truly player-centric, omnichannel solution.

OMNIA™ modernizes the retail environment with convenient, digitalized player services (what we call Connected Play) while providing a lottery with new insights on player-specific retail behavior.

OMNIA™ brings together IGT’s proven, high-performing, reliable, and industry-leading solutions, leverages a modular, open architecture and standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to maximize flexibility, interoperability, and time-to-market for product innovation and integration of third-party systems and content.