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Digital Games

eInstants, eDraw, and iKeno; we've got every game covered for both desktop and mobile devices. Browse through our library to find the right games for you and your players.


Our vast content library provides lotteries with a variety of themes, play styles, omnichannel and licensed content.​ Knowing that every player has their own preferences, we do extensive research and analysis to ensure that we are serving our lottery customers and their many local player segments around the world.

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All lottery draw games including multi-state jackpot games, lotto style games and numbers games are uniquely available in IGT’s digital platform.​ And coming soon Fast Play games.

Purchases connect directly to the host lottery system to view all sales collectively or by channel (retail, web, mobile). The direct connection also enables lotteries to enforce liability limits for numbers games across all sales channels.

Features include:

  • Step by step ticket purchase flow
  • Select numbers via Quick Picks, My Favorites, or My Last Wager
  • Clear help callouts
  • Streamlined user interface that allows players to easily navigate to single-buys, subscriptions, etc.
  • Ability to auto purchase of a single draw ticket when a jackpot reaches a selected amount
  • Opportunity to re-buy using winnings from Subscriptions and multi-draw tickets
  • Ability to set up auto-renew subscriptions
  • Group Play


Quick draw games like keno can be tied to retail games with the same features and draws or offered independently.​ An added benefit is when eInstants are also available, iKeno allows optional side games that can be played while waiting for the next draw.

IGT’s iKeno offering includes the following:

  • Learn how to play with five easy instruction steps
  • Utilize the online iKeno Prize Simulator and the mobile Wizard to easily step through the purchase process
  • Select numbers via quick picks, pick your own, create and play favorites, replay recent tickets or use the hot and cold feature
  • Generate a playslip to purchase at retail
  • View winning numbers and prize payout for each draw
  • View iKeno odds and prizes
  • In My Tickets, review pending and past draw history
  • Watch the draw live from the app and re-buy the same ticket