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Six Pillars of Instant Success

Driving Revenue Growth: IGT’s Six Pillars of Instant Success

As the world’s leading end-to-end gaming company, IGT is privileged to manage approximately $30 billion in lottery business annually. Thanks to the trust our lottery customers and their governments have placed in us, we have a strong track record of transforming instant and draw game programs to deliver responsible growth to good causes. Our global footprint and dual role of lottery supplier and lottery growth services partner allows us to provide lotteries with a unique value: we have relentless focus on integrating best practices across disciplines, businesses and markets.

The Six Pillars of Instant Success

IGT’s Six Pillars of Success

Driven by Insights, Evolving with Market Needs, and Enabled by Open Technology

Based on this experience, IGT has identified six fundamental factors that drive lottery growth. When lotteries holistically leverage each of the six pillars, synergies develop and growth is accelerated. IGT believes that an integrated approach to strategic planning that maximizes each stage of the supply chain will produce responsible growth and sustainable profitability.