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IGT Systems & Operations Training

Become IGT Certified

The ability to optimize every aspect of the software systems running on your floor is a key factor in realizing a competitive advantage and maximizing efficiencies. Classes cover every aspect of IGT systems and offer a complete education from our corps of experienced instructors.


Systems & Operations

Looking for something different? Please contact IGT University to tailor a custom curriculum.

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  • Accounting/Audit Operations
  • Cage Operations
  • Casino Marketing
  • Pit Staff (Table Games)
  • Players’ Club Operations
  • Security and Surveillance Operations
  • Slot Floor Operations
  • System Administration
  • Slot Technical Training


IGT Specialist - For those new to the gaming industry or transitioning to a new department.

IGT Expert - Focusing on best-in-class operations and service practices.

IGT Master - Expanded understanding of IGT products to the highest available level.

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Class Descriptions

Your staff’s knowledge boost starts with the IGT University catalog. Choose from a variety of IGT Systems and EGM classes to enhance their knowledge of how to utilize, maintain and best employ these products.

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